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Ten Great Reasons to Take a Challenge with Heru Amun In 2016

Dear Fellow Friend, 

If you have never experienced a challenge with Heru Amun, consider signing up for my Mind Muscle Connection Yoga and Calisthenics 12 Week Personal Fitness Coaching Program.

The following are Ten Great Reasons to help you decide:

  1. You should have health goals, but unlike other goals that you would like to meet or dismiss this year. Your health requires motivation and practicality accompanied by the desire to see your goals as a lifestyle. This is where I will step in as a coach and help you to develop and achieve these goals for this year.
  2. You have a long to-do-list, but you are confused on where to start this crazy mission and lacking the motivation. I will guide you with a different view point so that you develop self-awareness and help you to eliminate the garbage from your to-do-list for ever.
  3. You have all the creative potential, but focusing can be challenging. I can make suggestions that you may have overlooked on your health journey.
  4. You have a bunch of responsibilities, but just don’t know what to do. I will be clear and to the point to facilitate you in grasping the simplicity of health and fitness.
  5. You have some time, but you just don’t feel like working out. I have a solution to breakout of the workout blues.
  6. You love being creative, but it seems that it don’t last long. I will show you how to keep the creative energy going by expressing the importance of living in the “now”.
  7. Winter time in Fairbanks make you want to other than what you must, but it’s time to take control of your health and fitness, if you do not wish to contribute to the embarrassing statistics of America´s health epidemic.
  8. Empower yourself through health and fitness and mind muscle connection exercises that will bring results you strive to achieve.
  9. You can experience life changes within this transformational program by taking possession of your own mind and body.
  10. You don’t need much money to become healthy and fit. When you have taken back your mind muscle connection, this will be an experience which you have never encountered in your life. I can guarantee you that one!

The challenge has begun.  Let’s start now by securing your spot.

Heru Amun, Your Cannabis Fitness Strategist 

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