😉😉411 Calisthenics Lifestyle Podcast Show Avery Dewitt Interview

411 Calisthenics Lifestyle Podcast Show Avery Dewitt Interview Body Measurements: Body Weight: 165 Body Fat: 4.12% Lean Muscle Mass: 158.21 In my opinion, getting the most out of life is having full awareness of oneself through exercise, nutrition and wellness. I would say I have exercise and wellness pretty down pact but my nutrition didn’t seem to be up to par; my body was telling me it was time for a change. That change finally came to life when Heru inspired me with his ways of intermittent fasting. Heru gave me hope and we went straight to work; his knowledge and guidance made my transition quite easy from my previous lifestyle. He makes sure to always follow up with me and to answer any questions I have for him. He keeps me informed with up to date articles, books etc. continuously stressing the importance of intermittent fasting. My transformations in the above pictures are only looked at as a side effect in my perspective. The changes I have noticed psychologically and physiologically are what really matter to me. I am going to continue with this lifestyle and witness to unravel what this lifetime has planned for me. -Avery DeWitt Colorado